4 Fun Things to do with your College Friends while Social Distancing

The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has changed everyone’s sense of normalcy, because of the precautions people are taking to stop the spread of the virus. One method that has been proven to help flatten the curve is social distancing. This is the reason the remainder of spring semester has been moved from in-person to online and campus events have been canceled. With students abruptly separated from each other, here is an article that offers ways to feel a little less lonely and to stay connected with college friends.


1. Take Advantage of Virtual Calls and Chats

Communication is key, and the power of technology can truly help with that while we distance ourselves. Along with regular phone calling and text messaging, utilize apps like Facetime, Skype, Google Hangout and other messaging tools to see your friends. Try doing some everyday activities like exercising, dancing and drawing via video chat with friends.

2. Have a Netflix Movie Party

Netflix released Netflix Party, a new way to watch movies with friends while social distancing. The new Netflix additional is only available on Chrome but is free for Netflix users. Some cool features included are synchronized playback and a group chat to have discussions with friends as you watch. 

3. Reminisce Through Memories

One way to keep your friends close is by reliving the fun times by creating a virtual photo album or scrapbook. If you choose a scrapbook, this will create a timeless memory for you and your friends that can be mailed at a later date. If you want to create a virtual photo album, you can have your friends collaborate and add material.

4. Have a Virtual Game Night

You may not be able to play pool, throw a ball or play video games with your friends in person. With the power of technology, we are able to have opportunities to challenge and play against friends with fun activities whether it is on your phone or a gaming device.


We hope this article encourages those who may feel isolated and may need some more ways to connect with friends. Stay encouraged, Gamecocks!