5 Ways to have a Positive and Productive Summer

Summer is a great time for students to pour more time into their personal goals and activities. Even with the current social distancing restrictions, we want to offer some ways you can still have a positive and productive summer.

*Photo from experiencecolumbia.com

1. Write Down Your Summer Goals

With the extra flexibility and time, summer is a great time to get right and buckle down on some goals. Get organized with your goals by writing them down. That way, you can stay on track of what you want to accomplish and be held accountable.


2. Spend Time Outside

Nothing says summer more than spending time outside getting fresh air. Whether it’s taking your dog for a run or partaking in water activities, we encourage everyone to continue practicing social distancing while soaking up some vitamin D.


3. Maintain a Workout Routine

Exercising is a great idea year-round, but summer is the perfect opportunity to maintain a consistent workout routine. Dancing, riding a bike, doing yoga, lifting weights, running and swimming are just a few examples of great summer workouts that will help your mind stay motivated.

4. Clean Your Space 

Since more time is spent at home, it’s a great idea to make sure your room and other personal spaces are clutter-free and clean. A clean space makes for a calm mind, which will help with any stress an online class, job or other obligations may bring.


5. Don’t Forget Have Fun!

As college students, it is understandable summers are full of more obligations. That’s why it’s important to schedule time off for something that is strictly recreational. Do you have an old hobby you’ve been wanting to perfect? This is your time to get creative and make fun-filled memories.


We understand things this summer are different, but we encourage you all to implement these ideas to make the most out of your summer experience.