Garnet Circle Leadership

Did you know that only Student Network members are eligible to serve in South Carolina's student-alumni association, Garnet Circle?


The keepers of longstanding traditions at UofSC and the face of student to alumni relations, Garnet Circle is a great way to give back to your University and to build invaluable leadership skills.

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Garnet Circle seeks to foster a greater connection between the students of the University of South Carolina and members of the UofSC Alumni Association. It is our mission to instill pride in all aspects of University life by encouraging enthusiasm among current students and assisting the UofSC Alumni Association with programs and events. This includes planning events for the Student Alumni Association, designing “beat T-shirts”, and putting on the Ring Ceremony. 

Our Garnet Story

What began as the “Student Alumni Association” in 1978, has transformed into the Garnet Circle that exists today. When the program first began, students were responsible for calling alumni and traveling around the state to various events. Today, students of Garnet Circle are responsible for some of the University’s most beloved traditions, such as the Carolina Ring Ceremony. In addition to serving as the Tradition Keepers of campus, Garnet Circle helps facilitate the Student Alumni Association, one of the largest student organizations at the University.