How to Ace your Online Classes

Campuses all over the nation are currently adjusting to the new normal we are experiencing with the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). With the University of South Carolina’s most recent announcement, students will not be returning on campus and classes will be completely online. This huge adjustment may arise certain fears for some who feel uneasy or stressed with taking classes online. To help students face this new reality, here are six great tips on how to stay motivated and ace your online classes.


1. Turn on your Outlook and Blackboard Notifications

Even if you are in the habit of checking academic updates on your phone, it is smart to make sure notifications for Outlook and Blackboard are enabled. This allows you to know exactly when professors, advisors and other faculty members contact you with important information.

2. Stay Organized

Most college students have already invested in a planner, but now is the time to get one if you haven’t already. A planner allows you to map out all of your due dates and stay organized. This is especially important with the elimination of meeting in-person with professors and classmates. You can also use Google Calendar if you prefer a great online version.

3. Schedule Time to Work on Classes

Anyone who has previously taken an online class knows more effort is required to remember when tests and assignments are due. This is why it is important to dedicate certain times to work on different projects as if it were in-person. Having a set time to work on each class gives you time to breathe and not feel overwhelmed.

4. Schedule Time for your Mental and Physical Health

Speaking of health, taking care of your mind and body is key to acing classes, especially during times like this. After dedicating time to study, log off and close your books to make time for your well-being. This is the perfect opportunity to work on your craft or hobby and try at home exercises.

5. Have Strong Communication

The power of technology allows us to stay connected during times like this when in-person communication is limited. Make sure to communicate with your professors and classmates using Outlook, Blackboard and other messaging tools with questions and concerns. By actively checking in, you’re staying on top of assignments and not falling behind.

6. Create a Productive Study Space in your Home

Public libraries and other public spaces may be closed during this time, so having a designated study area in your home is a great way to do well in online classes. If you don’t have a desk space, you can create an area which allows productivity. Some tips on making the most out of your study area are eliminating distractions and choosing somewhere quiet and organized. You may also want to avoid bedrooms and other lounging areas where it may be tempting to relax.


During this difficult time, shifting online may bring unique challenges some students have never faced before. As this new reality begins, let us remember to stay motivated to our goals and finish this semester strong.