Lessen Your Stress

Note to Self: Relax

Coming into college I was what some people might call a “high-strung” individual. For me, high school was full of AP courses, extracurricular activities, and even a part-time job, so I felt like I was prepared to cope with the stress that would come along with college. However, quickly after coming to campus, I realized that being a college student came with many things to balance. New friendships, living away from home, free time, and not to mention classes, were suddenly filling my plate. Finding an on-campus job was hard enough, and I had just started to think about what my career would be like after these 4 years ended. This is the time when I realized that something needed to change, or else I had no idea how I could make it to graduation without being stressed to the max every day. Here are some of my top tips to lessen your stress and make the most of the time you have at Carolina!

Stay Organized
One of the ways I’ve been able to manage my stress is through organization. This can happen in many ways, but using a planner, following a routine, and even meal prepping are all things that can help you stay organized. This comes naturally to some, and might be a little more difficult to others, but my best advice is to start small. Try making a to-do list or putting your clothes out the night before a busy day to save time and make things easier!

Find Ways to Destress
Prioritizing self-care is huge when it comes to minimizing stress. Everyone de-stresses in different ways, but it’s important to think about what things make you happy. Going for a walk, spending time with friends, watching a show, reading, or being creative can be great for taking time away from school, even if just for a little while. Studying and classes are important, however taking time for yourself is important too. Remember to find your balance and always take time for yourself, even when things are hectic.

Get Inspired
Whenever your course load seems difficult and overwhelming, remind yourself why you’re doing it. Think of the big goals and dreams that you have for your life. Do you want to be a teacher? Go to law school? Help make the world a better place? These are all the reasons that inspired you to further your education, and these can be the reasons that give you the push to keep going. Although it can be stressful now, there is a whole future ahead, and what you’re doing now matters.

As you go through your college journey, you will learn there is not only one way to tackle your stress. Sometimes, you’ll have to buckle down and get organized, but other times you’ll need to take a break from schoolwork and focus on yourself. No matter what, remember that stress is temporary, and you’ve got this!