Student Network Member Spotlight: Eugene Suydam

Want to learn more about how to get involved with My Carolina Alumni Association as a student? Then this spotlight is for you! Meet our member and Garnet Circle leader, Eugene Suydam.


When deciding where to attend college, Eugene chose the University of South Carolina because “it felt like home.” He knew he always wanted to go to school where he felt challenged to become a better person, and he found that in UofSC. Eugene’s favorite part of being a student at South Carolina is the “community of amazing, ambitious students.”

Once Eugene began his studies, he knew he wanted to get involved outside of the classroom. After hearing about Garnet Circle from a friend, Eugene was excited to join and have the ability to make an impact on his university. Garnet Circle seeks to foster a greater connection between students and alumni by enhancing traditions rich in history and creating new ones. From this inspiring mission, Eugene joined the organization because he thought it would be a great way to grow as a leader and meet new people. 

Eugene’s favorite part about being a member of Garnet Circle is twofold.  First, he loves being a part of the university’s Ring Ceremony each semester, as it “is always inspiring and exciting to see the progress and growth of friends and students every year.” Second, he enjoys working with the members of My Carolina Alumni Association, because “members of My Carolina are always kind and willing to help students with anything they need.” In addition to Garnet Circle, Eugene is also a member of Phi Delta Theta.

When asked for a piece of advice for younger students, Eugene said, “At college, learn a lot about your field and how expansive life and academics can be. College is great for these reasons, but I believe students should also spend time focusing on growing into the person they want to become. Find your passions and your interests then take the time to meet people whose work aligns with your passion.”

My Carolina encourages you to get involved as a student as Eugene has done. There are many ways to get involved, including joining Garnet Circle or the Student Network or becoming a social media ambassador. Regarding his involvement, Eugene said, “Garnet Circle is one of the best things I have done at UofSC!

Student for a short time.  Gamecock for a lifetime.  Forever to thee.