Student Network Member Spotlight: Caroline Fruehauf

Caroline Fruehauf is a senior public health major at the University of South Carolina. Growing up in Apex, North Carolina, she has always been an SEC football fan and has family members that either went to Auburn University or University of Georgia.


“As soon as I visited UofSC, I felt at home. There were so many ways to get involved and the tour guides were so friendly. I remember talking to my mom and telling her that I had to go here because I could really see myself spending four years at this school, which I had not said about any other school.”


On campus, Caroline is involved in Buddies beyond Borders, an organization in which she mentors international students and helps them integrate into the university. She is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, where she has served as the Alumnae Relations Chair. In this role, she connected the alumnae of the organization with current members of the sorority.


Caroline is also heavily involved in the Homecoming Commission. She served as Events Director during her junior year and served as the Vice President of Events this past year. A huge task Caroline and her team had was planning a diverse and inclusive week of events for the South Carolina community. 


It was great to see all of my team’s work come together and pay off during the week of Homecoming. Overall, being a part of this organization has provided great leadership skills, valuable experiences for my future and lifelong friendships.”


As an active student at South Carolina, she was motivated to join Garnet Circle because she saw the importance of connecting alumni and students. Garnet Circle helps bring the South Carolina community together by overseeing the Student Network and also planning networking events for students and alumni to engage in. Being a Garnet Circle member also allows her to uphold traditions on campus that make going to the university so special.


“My favorite part of being a Student Network member is seeing the passion that each student and staff member has for the University of South Carolina.”


Being a senior, Caroline looks back at how memorable her college experience has been. This school has been special to her because of the mentors, lifelong friendships and valuable experiences she’s gained, which has helped shape her into the leader she is today. If she could give any advice to students at South Carolina, she would urge them to get involved.


These last four years at UofSC have been pivotal for me and that will always make UofSC special to me. It is never too late to get involved on campus and there is something here for everyone at this university.”