Student Network Member Spotlight: Jessica Helton

Meet Garnet Circle VP of Traditions, Jessica Helton! Jessica is a sophomore chemical engineering major from Belmont, North Carolina. What attracted Jessica to the University of South Carolina is the strong culture here and also the endless opportunities she could have within the school and the community of Columbia.


“UofSC is so special to me because of the people that have made it home. From fellow students to professors and alumni, the relationships I have found at UofSC have added so much more to my experience here. We all share a common thread in our life and that is the time we spent at this university. Every person here makes such a big impact on their peers, on our community and on the world.”


In the community of Columbia, Jessica serves as a personal touch volunteer at Prisma Health. On campus, Jessica is very involved. Aside from her role within Garnet Circle, she currently serves as an Honors Residence Treasurer and has been elected Residence Hall Association Secretary for the upcoming school year. She is also a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta.


Jessica was motivated to join Garnet Circle because of the potential to make a real difference for students at South Carolina. Being Vice President of Traditions, Jessica is responsible for upholding all of the traditions at the university like Ring Ceremony and Future Alumni Week. Along with getting to connect others and uphold Gamecock traditions, Jessica loves receiving cool free t-shirts and other swag from being in the Student Network.