Student Network Member Spotlight: Lyric Swinton

Lyric Swinton is currently a senior at the University of South Carolina, majoring in Sport and Entertainment Management. Her hometown is Columbia, SC.

In addition to her studies, Lyric is involved with Student Government, Garnet Media Group, Students Invested In Change and the Association of African American Students.

Lyric decided to attend the University of South Carolina because of an amazing scholarship opportunity.

“The Opportunity Scholars Program offered me an incredible scholarship and a second family that always has my back, I’m forever thankful for that opportunity!”

The Opportunity Scholars Program is one of the five TRIO programs funded by the United States Department of Education and helps motivate students to acquire a degree from the colleges of their choice. The program is constructed as a way to help first-generation college students make the modification to college life through academic advisement and developmental support.

Lyric said that being a mentor to younger African American students on campus has been such an honor and one of her greatest accomplishments.

“It’s wonderful to watch them grow and become the future leaders of not only the University, but the world!”

Now as a host of The Patchwork Feminist podcast, Lyric is demonstrating leadership skills daily. She is charged with recording a show weekly and finding topics and guests that speak to the day-to-day issues that Lyric and her listeners experience. Furthermore, she manages her podcast’s social media and brand.

“I am vulnerable about my personal experiences on the show in hopes of being able to help someone else.”

When asked what her favorite thing about South Carolina is, Lyric said the school’s resilience.

“Whether it’s a bad football game or a hurricane or whatever else life throws at us, we always find a way to rise above it all and find laughter during the hardest of times.”