Student Network Member Spotlight: Rachel Donaldson

Meet 2020 Garnet Circle member Rachel Donaldson. Rachel is a senior exercise science major from Raleigh, North Carolina. She chose to attend the University of South Carolina because it felt like home to her.


“This school has so much to offer between Carolina Productions, sports events, intramurals, and hundreds of clubs that really helped me with the decision to come here.”


On campus, Rachel is involved in Greek Life. She was a sorority recruitment counselor this past year and has previously served on her sorority’s executive board as the Academic Excellence Chairman. In addition to that, she has been a Biology 102 SI leader in the Student Success Center for the past four years. Throughout her college experience, Rachel has put a lot of emphasis on the power of connecting with people.


“I would say the people that attend this school is what makes UofSC special to me. I 100% believe that the connections you make with faculty, staff and students are what truly influence the experience you will have here. I think if it weren’t for the amazing people I have met in these past four years, I wouldn’t have had the experience I did.”


Having strong connections motivated Rachel to join Garnet Circle. Rachel loves the idea of getting to work with alumni and help plan and create traditions for the University. At South Carolina, the Ring Ceremony is an honored tradition where students who have purchased a ring participate in the event located in the heart of the Horseshoe. Being a Garnet Circle member allows students to help out with this event and other memorable ones too.


 “I really enjoyed working the ring ceremony this past year and getting to see hundreds of students show their commitment to the university through a special event.”