Tips for Networking with Alumni

Whether looking for a mentorship, an internship or a post grad job, networking is all about building great relationships and a great demographic to build these relationships with are alumni. While there is more time spent at home, now is a great time to brainstorm different tactics to build connections with alumni. Here are 4 tips that can help you on your search.  



1. Join and Get Involved with the Student Alumni Association at the University of South Carolina

It’s a great idea for students to get involved with the University’s Student Alumni Association to connect with alumni. The organization also exists to build a stronger campus community, prepare students for their careers and develop the next generation of leaders. Being a member of the Student Alumni Association also has many benefits such as getting exclusive South Carolina gear, access to members only events and discounts to dozens of local businesses.


2. Utilize LinkedIn

On the prominent social networking site LinkedIn, you can access the University of South Carolina alumni tool to search through this demographic. While on the University’s main page, click “alumni.” Then, you can then refine your search based on year, location and work. After finding someone, send them a professional and formal message asking to connect. Be sure to also follow the University of South Carolina Alumni Association page on LinkedIn.


3. Attend Alumni Networking Events on Campus

As a university with over 300,000 living alumni, there are many networking opportunities across campus like workshops and speaking panels. Be sure to read emails and social media announcements from the University, organizations and your specific college to stay updated on when and where alumni will be present. Keep in mind that a great time to connect with alumni is during Homecoming. During that week, be on the lookout for any Homecoming-related networking events.


4. Utilize Resources on Campus

As a student, you have an immediate network of people who want to see you succeed. Many people in that network such as professors, advisors and other faculty and staff are great resources to help you get in contact with alumni that can assist you on your journey.