Tips on Getting a Summer Internship

Even with the effects of COVID-19, students are still applying for summer internships to gain skills, which can be applied for future careers. Are you still looking for a summer internship experience? No worries, here is some advice that can help and guide you on your search.

1. Be Present

A great way to secure an internship is being present on the many different job search websites where jobs listings are posted. Be sure to make accounts and frequently check websites like Handshake, LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor so that you can be knowledgeable about the positions available. If you have a specific company in mind you would like to work for, follow its LinkedIn page and don’t be afraid to connect with someone within the company as well.


2. Be Consistent and Frequently Update Your Information 

Being present is one thing but being consistent is what really matters when searching for a job. On your profiles, make sure you are constantly updating your information and ensuring your profile has a consistent message of who you are and what you can provide. For example, when using networking site LinkedIn, make posts about any professional work and experiences you’re involved in.


3. Use Your Resources 

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, "it’s not always what you know, but it’s who you know." Whether it’s your professors, advisors or mentors, utilizing resources is a smart idea to build your professional experiences. Even though resource centers like the University’s Career Center may be physically closed, make sure to follow these accounts on social media, check out their website and email them for guidance. Remember, these resources are here to help students, and people like advisors and mentors are more than willing to help as well.


4. Follow Up

The best way to stand out from other applicants is to make sure employers know how committed you are to the position you are applying for. Before securing an interview, reach out to the hiring manager letting them know you’ve applied and send any additional materials that will make you stand out. If you’ve interviewed, make sure to follow up with a “Thank You” email or physical card to show the hiring manager you appreciate them spending time interviewing you.


5. Don’t Give Up

During a time like this, it may be easy to feel discouraged if the process is moving slowly. Here’s a reminder to stay positive and not give up! It is important to be persistent with your internship goals and remember as a student, you have a great amount of resources who are willing to help and support you.