Top Five Spots at/around UofSC

The University of South Carolina has a lot to offer. Whether it is the beautiful scenery, the vibrant college town energy, or even the quiet outskirts in West Columbia, there is always something to be seen when visiting one of the greatest places on Earth. Keep reading to see our Top Five Spots in Columbia.

-->The Horseshoe

Home to many UofSC traditions, the Horseshoe holds many memories for many students at UofSC! It may be that you sat in the middle of the Horseshoe after a long day during your first week of school or that you ventured out to meet all the pups that come to walk around the Horseshoe. No matter what memory you hold at the Horseshoe, the united school spirit races throughout the bricks lining the gorgeous grass area! So, grab your blanket and a good book to read and enjoy this beautiful part of UofSC. Don’t forget to social distance!


--> Williams-Brice Stadium

For many students, alumni, faculty, and staff, Williams-Brice is a major part of the college experience. Between “Sandstorm” and “2001,” Williams-Brice is full of energy no matter who the Gamecocks are playing! There is just something about being surrounded by other college students and alumni that never gets old. We hope to be “Sandstorming” again really soon!


-->The Riverwalk

Exercising and beautiful scenery are two things that go hand-n-hand no matter where you venture to in Columbia. The Riverwalk is a beautiful, 3.5-mile spacious path located right along the Congaree River. Even if you’re looking for relaxation rather than strenuous exercise, find the benches and picnic areas located throughout the Riverwalk to enjoy all that Columbia has to offer. 


-->Horizon Parking Garage

If you ever want to catch one of the prettiest sunsets Columbia has to offer, check out the top of Horizon Parking Garage. Just a few flights of stairs let you have one of the most gorgeous views of the city and, if you come at just the right time of day, you can see a beautiful sunset. It is the perfect way to end your long day of classes at UofSC and you may meet some other students while up there!


-->Thomas Copper Library Reflecting Pool

Located in the center of campus, the Thomas Copper Library Reflecting Pool is a wonderful place to enjoy lunch during a busy day or catch a nice sunset with some friends. No matter what you decide to do while here, you can swing into Thomas Copper and grab your favorite coffee at Starbucks! Don’t forget your mask while on campus!

No matter what your year at Carolina holds, we hope you get to wonder out and observe all that UofSC and Columbia have to offer! Remember keep your distance from others and bring your mask wherever you go! GO GAMECOCKS!