Top 5 Reasons to Choose UofSC

The University of South Carolina is truly a home away from home, allowing great opportunities to each and every person that walks on campus! UofSC is one of the best universities whether it be the football and sporting events or the great academic resources available for every student.


Gamedays in the South
Football season in the south is always one of the best times of the year. Whether it be grilling out and tailgating with friends and family or cheering on the Gamecocks while they are on the road, football season at UofSC offers a way to bring fans together with one common goal--cheer the Gamecocks to victory!!! Go Cocks!

Top Business School and Nursing Program in SC
UofSC has great academic programs for students who wish to study any kind of major. The international business program here at UofSC has been ranked #1 for 20 years consecutively. (Crazy right!!!) Additionally, our nursing program has also received great recognition for preparing students to handle anything that may be thrown their way after their four years here at UofSC.

Campus sits in the <3 of Columbia
Surrounded by the Vista and downtown Columbia, UofSC offers an ample amount of shopping and dining attractions. Who else can say that their campus sits right in the middle of the capital of South Carolina? However, our campus is also excluded just enough to not get the hustle and bustle of downtown living, so we really have the best of both worlds!

Warm Weather
Growing up in the South, warm weather was never in question for me, but as I've made friends from the northern part of the country, I see why warm weather was a must for them! Realistically speaking, Columbia will maintain warmer weather until about the beginning of November! It is always our joke that we skip the season of Fall and go straight to Winter because our summer season simply overpowers all other seasons here at UofSC.

Family Tradition
Gamecock tradition runs deep at our campus where many alumni persuade and send their children and grandchildren to our great university. Going back to game days, it is always one of my favorites to see parents and even some grandparents hanging out with their children that are currently UofSC students. And even if your parents are not alumni at UofSC, start your own traditions for you to share with your family (whenever that day may come!).