Ways to Relieve Stress while Staying Home

Social Distancing is highly recommended to flatten the curve of individuals infected with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). One of the effects of social distancing is occasions around the world being cancelled or postponed. This includes special events for students like athletic games, student events and even May commencement. With these drastic changes, it may be easy to feel discouraged, anxious and isolated. We want to offer some activities to help relieve stress while social distancing. We hope this article encourages you all to stay positive during this difficult time.


1. Try At-Home Exercises

At-home exercising is a great way to maintain physical health during this time. Whether it’s doing yoga, running in your neighborhood or riding a bike in an open area, there are many ways to stay in good shape while social distancing. Need some extra motivation? Be sure to tune in to Campus Recreation’s free live fitness classes on the official UofSC Campus Recreation Instagram page!


2. Try Delicious Recipes in the Kitchen

Making your favorite recipes in the kitchen is something that may take a lot of time and attention, so now is the perfect opportunity to put your chef skills to test and make healthy meals from home. Picking up healthy produce will also boost up your immune system while we fight against the virus.


3. Get Creative with Coloring

Coloring is a well-known activity for children, but did you know it is also helps relieve stress for adults? Coloring allows the part of your brain that experiences emotions like fear to relax. It is also known to have the same effects as meditation on the brain. Check out some coloring templates on our Student Network page here.


4. Spring Clean Around Your Home

As the weather is changing, having this extra time at home is a great opportunity to clean and organize for the spring and summer seasons. One way to spring clean is to go through your closet and swap cooler seasoned clothing for warmer ones.


5. Start A Great Book

Need the perfect escape? Reading is known to be a good way to challenge your mind with new vocabulary, but it also provides a temporary distraction from the constant news surrounding the virus. We encourage you all to participate in our free Alumni Association Book Club



Listed are just a few ways students can find peace right now through these unforeseen circumstances. We encourage everyone to try these out or any of their favorite hobbies that help them relieve stress, while practicing social distancing.